In pursuing the aims and objectives of teaching and education, the school recognizes the epistemological and psycho-pedagogical theories of  cognitivism and social learning promoted by Vigotski, Gardner and Bruner. Our school offers students a complete and well-balanced path that brings together the historical and cultural pedagogical tradition of our country and the “practical” hands on didactics of the English model.


The school undertakes to:

  • oppose any discrimination in relation to sex, race, ethnicity, language, religion, political opinions, socio-economic and pyscho-physical conditions,
  • offer a ‘serene atmosphere in which every child can express themselves freely, where they find acceptance and openness to dialogue, where they can be heard, understood and helped through every difficulty,
  • pay particular attention to all aspects of a pupil’s development, from cognitive to emotional, from ethical to expressive, physical and social
  • make each student aware and responsible of their own learning progress, aware of their own abilities and skills
  • offer all pupils the opportunity of developing their potential and enhancing their personal skills, punctually underlining the strengths of each individual to promote self-esteem and the construction of a positive self-image
  • guide the pupil towards ’autonomy in work and study, to help them make  their own decisions and take responsibility for their choices.
  • offer the skills required to become active members of the world around them
  • favour the complete and harmonious development of the intellectual, social and physical aspect  of every single student
  • stimulate each student to pursuit high personal objectives
  • develop critical thinking in every student
  • encourage the ability to formulate hypothesis and solve problems, both interacting with others and through personal investigation
  • Stimulate creativity in every area of learning
  • Encourage and stimulate formal and informal occasions to  socialize, through a wide range of scholastic and extra scholastic activities
  • promote self control and reflective and conscious repect of the  rules of civil coexistance, cooperation, honesty and a sense of responsability
  • continuously strive to improve oneself daily