To achieve scholastic success and student well-being, a positive relationship with the family based on trust and mutual understanding, working together on the formative project and on educated collaboration  is essential.


The school organizes a series of opportunities to help the relationship between school and parents:


  • Class meetings to present and learn about the programme and projects.
  • Elections of class and institutional representatives.
  • Class meetings with the parent representatives to illustrate how the     general educational and didactical activities are proceeding or to discuss general problems of the class and to see if changes are needed.
  • Continuous meetings for pedagogical, curricular and organizational presentations with the nursery school, primary school and middle school.
  • Student concerts and theatrical plays.
  • Participating in traditional holidays and celebrations.
  • Open day.
  • Conferences with experts on themes about the student and the learning years.
  • Individual parent – teacher meetings four times a year, parents are also kept informed about any necessary events, reunions, extra meetings on what is being organized or what is happening at school.