We believe at the Pianca School that the scholastic environment must be an educational environment above all else.


The world around us is moving fast, everything is constantly changing, but our primary objective remaining is to teach respect, good manners, order, discipline, the sense of responsibility, the tolerance in helping a student acquire the knowledge and responsibility of one’s own educational and informative experience in the relationship with oneself and the world.


Therefore the school is committed to:


  • Educating students to respect, love, appreciate themselves, others, nature and things.
  • Educating students to thrive in a community.
  • Helping to acquire the knowledge of rules that regulate interpersonal relationships and social partnership.
  • Guiding students in reflecting on what is right and the consequences of certain behaviours.
  • Educating students through reflection, analyzation, confrontation through discussion, positive models, examples, assuming correct behaviour not just to please an adult or due to intimidation, but to obtain autonomy and personal responsibility.


This means asking the students to:


  • Keep a respectful and correct behaviour towards themselves, classmates, teachers and school staff.
  • Respect the rights and opinions of others.
  • Respect the environment, their own assets, others and those of the school.
  • Be loyal, correct, sincere, honest.