Pianca School teachers are highly qualified and carefully selected on the basis of their professional skills:  love for children, professionality, morality, healthy and balanced personality, academic preparation, experience, passion for teaching, availability to work as part of a team.


All teachers are in possession of the necessary teaching qualifications, acquired either in Italy or in their country of origin. The English teachers are all mother tongue.  They are recruited from various English speaking countries to ensure international education that allows the pupils of our school to feel at ease anywhere in the world.


For ICT, Music, Art and Physical Education, the school employs  highly specialized staff, guaranteeing excellence in teaching.



Mirella Pianca

Founder of the school direzione@piancaschool.it


Ivano Bet

Head of education of Secondary School.

Mariaelena Pianca Zanetti

Head of education of Nursery and Preschool. mariaelena.pianca@piancaschool.it

Mirella Pianca

Founder of the school direzione@piancaschool.it