The children of the primary school at Pianca School are divided into four houses named after the different saints of the British Isles: Saint George, Saint David, Saint Patrick and Saint Andrew.


Each house has its own identity which consists of a motto, a colour, a symbol, a flag and a designated area where the team can meet regularly before each competition or programmed scholastic event.


The house system is based on history, customs and traditions according to the United Kingdom and Harry Potter which is known throughout the world.


Belonging to a house, besides the class group, allows the children to develop a larger sense of belonging and encourages socialization with children of different ages. This system encourages the development of a sense of responsibility in the older children towards the younger ones, learning by example, acquiring a social sensitivity, respect for others, the conviction of the importance of others to arrive at a common ground or objective, loyalty and team work.


Amongst all the children a Prefect is chosen to coordinate the competition and the organization of the games.


The teachers’ jobs are to be a Tutor, but they do not take part in one house in particular to guarantee equal opportunity for each team.


There is also an awards system for the houses which measures the participation of the students in activities organized at school.


During the scholastic year the students of the primary school are subdivided into houses:


  • They participate at the games organized on the following days: St. Andrew, St. David, St. Patrick, St. George and earn points for each success
  • Seating arrangements are divided into houses during lunch time and the children can earn or lose points for their teams through good or bad behaviour.
  • They earn or lose points for attitude, behaviour, commitment, availability at school but they also earn points for very special or extraordinary situations that have to do with didactics (the points are counted monthly and contribute to  the final end of the year classifications).


The students are very proud when they are able to earn points for their team!


This system accompanies the primary students throughout their schooling.


The pupils accumulate or lose points during various events in their drive to win the annual “House Cup” which is awarded to the team which accumulated the most points during the school year. It is awarded during the last school assembly and is filled full of delicious sweets.